Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Setteling on a "Khaki" Color Scheme

Been tinkering with colors for my for my 15mm Brits in the Sudan. Among other things, the "khaki" uniform color is a tricky one. I really like the brown-ish tone to the uniforms over the flat khaki color we sometimes see in pictures. Been trying a few mixes to get the color I like the most. So far, what I have settled on is a more golden-brown color as seen in the couple of pics here. Of course I may still take this result a step further and lightin it up a bit more. However, for the moment I am satisfied.

Test Model:
I like this shade of Khaki. Very gritty and classic.

Basically a dark brown base color followed by some golden brown. This was washed with a flesh-tone ink, followed once again with golden-brown. The flesh wash by the way also darkened up the white/cream colored webbing.

Test Model:
The beginning of some experimenting with "khaki". Also, YES, it snowed here yesterday.
Spring? What is that??!!
Test Model:
A view from the back. Webbing picked out with some cream-white.

Anyway... progress continues.

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