Friday, March 6, 2015

Introduction to the Blog

Well, I have finally decided to take the plunge in to colonial wargaming. I have to admit, after years of reading about the conflicts, battles, and heroes of Victorian adventure I am quite excited. Living my busy little life I never seemed to have the time to blend my interest in this romantic period with my wargaming hobby. I also should thank Dan Mersey for giving me somewhat of a nudge to getting in to this period of history. If you get the chance have a look at his blog to gain some interesting historical wargaming insights. Now, after years of putting it off, I am finally getting myself stuck in. This blog is all about this very subject - my journey in Victorian Wargaming.

If you follow any of my other blogs you will be used to my format. I hope you like it. I should also mention that at the moment I do not really have much content to post. Like I said, this whole project is new to me - although the history and subject matter is very familiar. As time goes by I will be posting all sorts of interesting tid-bits about this wonderful era of history - as it pertains to wargaming. That would include such things as battle reports/AARs, making terrain, rules and product reviews, as well as details on my own experiences with the period - such as the rules I use, observations, scenarios, and so on.

It should be noted that much like my other blogs, this blog is very specific - its subject matter in this case is almost entirely about the Victorian colonial wars from the mid 19th c. to pre- WW I. Those conflicts that fascinate me the most will be covered in great detail. This includes the 2nd Afghan War, the campaigns in the Sudan, and the Boar War! The blog will include information regarding other colonial conflicts as well - if such strikes my fancy.

I am very much in the beginning stages of this grand project. Suffice it to say, I am quite taken by such miniatures rules as Dan Mersey's up-coming colonial rules (?), Black Powder, Smooth & Rifled, and the wonderful rules Battles for Empire II. If you fancy the Piquet system, Din of Battle is another great set of rules. I will be covering these rules in great detail as the project gets under way in full. In fact, I will be covering everything from how I will be mounting my miniatures, scale, making terrain specific for the conflicts I play (such as the Sudan), as well as details on my Wargaming Diary.

All in all I hope you enjoy what I do present here. I have much planned indeed; stay tuned.


  1. Great stuff Kurtus, a fascinating period to wargame in. I look forward to reading future entries...Ian

  2. Thanks Ian. I have already started amassing all kinds of goodies to get things rolling. Will be fun! :)

  3. Kurtus,

    While the "Major General's" website is no longer available, you have undoubtedly seen references to it. It was without a doubt probably the single most inspiring website for the Colonial era. About the only way to access it now is via the "wayback machine" . . . so here is a link so that you can explore one of the most enjoyable websites I know of:

    The links to his pages on how to build various terrain pieces, buildings, ships, etc. are certainly worth exploring . . . and don't neglect his "Books, Films" links for wonderful inspiration.

    -- Jeff