Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Some Project Changes

Been a while since my last update- damn! I have been so involved with other projects and school that I let this one slip a little. However, I have been thinking about my efforts so far as of late. One thing I have decided on doing is going over to the dark side of skirmish wargaming with this period. A big deal for me, since I don't play too many skirmish type games. What I mean by "skirmish" here is basically any game involving individually based models organized in small units - or acting as individuals. Here is what I have decided so far:

  • remount existing (some/all) collection on single figure bases,
  • deciding on some rules to use
For rules I am opting to try several really. The main one that stands out for me is the old stand-by, Smooth & Rifled. In addition, I will also be playing with the soon to be released rules, The Men Who Would Be Kings, by Dan Mersey - which I did some play-testing with. I played S&R quite a bit three years ago with the ACW, and I liked them. I am pretty sure these will fit the bill at the moment. There will be others I am sure.


You may be wondering at this point why I am switching over from Black Powder and "unit" based rules. Well, the main reason is time and money. I am not so sure I am willing at this point to build up armies - in 15mm anyway - for larger battle rules such as BP. Skirmishing is actually perfect for my interest level at this point. In addition, since getting in to 10mm Napoleonics, I am strongly considering collecting 10mm models for my Colonial period bigger battles. Those little 10mm models have definitely captured my imagination and opened a whole lot of doors for me in this hobby - like Napoleonics. But I digress.

At this point in time, expect to see a complete conversion of my current 15mm collection over to individual based models. This will allow me to take advantage of my collection, and deal with time constraints as well.

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  1. Always a tough decision when changing a project mid stream however no one is ever better placed yo determine what suits than one self do more power to you. I hear sensational things about TMWWBK and of course I still very much enjoy the occasional Sword and the Flame.