Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First Regiment of Foot completed!

Well, a couple days ago I managed to finish off my first regiment of British foot! Pretty amazing actually considering my time constraints. Here are a few pics to showcase these lil guys. Still have to decide what regiment they represent (66th foot?) and do some extra insignia on the models to indicate such. No rush really. Sitting on the painting desk at the moment is my first and second units of Ansars! So I have to get a move on with them as well (not to mention some new terrain).

Troops deployed in line at the entrance to some lost village.

I wanted these guys to look like real campaigners. That means a dark and dusty appearance! I actually love this style of painting as it is much more realistic than the "clean" look of troops off the boat.

Notice the "dark" and dirty look.

24 figs mounted on four stands. Each stand is 30mm square.

I really like the officer in the lead. He has a nice "over there!" look about him.

15mm Blue Moon miniatures are really nice and fun to paint.

Deployed on a small rise before the village. Love the Cigar Box mat!

Now all they need is some reinforcements!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Trees, trees, ... and some more trees!

Just got some really sweet palm trees in today. Three different sizes in all; perfect! All that is left is to base them and add a splash of paint to them.

I probably wont get to these little guys till late in the week. However, I do have my miniatures on the desk so I should be getting them well on their way to completion.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Setteling on a "Khaki" Color Scheme

Been tinkering with colors for my for my 15mm Brits in the Sudan. Among other things, the "khaki" uniform color is a tricky one. I really like the brown-ish tone to the uniforms over the flat khaki color we sometimes see in pictures. Been trying a few mixes to get the color I like the most. So far, what I have settled on is a more golden-brown color as seen in the couple of pics here. Of course I may still take this result a step further and lightin it up a bit more. However, for the moment I am satisfied.

Test Model:
I like this shade of Khaki. Very gritty and classic.

Basically a dark brown base color followed by some golden brown. This was washed with a flesh-tone ink, followed once again with golden-brown. The flesh wash by the way also darkened up the white/cream colored webbing.

Test Model:
The beginning of some experimenting with "khaki". Also, YES, it snowed here yesterday.
Spring? What is that??!!
Test Model:
A view from the back. Webbing picked out with some cream-white.

Anyway... progress continues.