Thursday, March 19, 2015

More Goodies Have Arrived!

This week I got my 6' x 4' Cigar Box "Desert" mat as well as the Black Powder rules and Sudan supplement - Death on the Nile. Below are some pics of the goods.

New rules to get me going.

Pretty happy with everything so far, as this little project of mine continues. The Cigar Box mat looks really nice. It should be noted that these mats are made of high quality fleece - they are not simple felt sheets. As such they have a very appealing look and feel to them.=; somewhat of a slight shine to them in fact. This is not really a bad thing as it is hardly noticeable at all. Again, very high quality. The actual texturing on the sheet is very well done - color is just right, and scattered "desert" details fill the piece. I highly recommend Cigar Box mats if you want a high quality product that really adds to the look and feel of your lay-out.

This is their "Desert" mat; perfect!

Cigar Box Mats are really high quality.

The Blood on the Nile supplement for Black Powder also looks great. At 90 full color gloss pages it is slightly smaller than the new Rebellion AWI supplement that just came out. At first glance the book is chalk full of details - scenarios for all the well known battles, pictures of uniform details, battle scenes, etc. What you would expect from Warlord Games really.

Lots of nice color pics to inspire.

Uniforms, maps, scenarios abound!

I will have more details - reviews - on these products later down the road. For now, know that I myself am very satisfied with these items. I am really excited to get this project going and get some troops on the table!

Stay tuned as I progress through this awesome new project of mine.

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  1. Kurtus,

    If you ever find yourself somewhere without your new terrain cloth and want to have a good playing surface, get a roll of ordinary brown wrapping paper, cut off what you need for your gaming surface, then really crinkle it up. Now smooth it out and you will find it to be a very decent-looking colonial playing surface.

    -- Jeff